Amethyst Train The Trainer Programme

Course Outline

This is a specially designed training programme for graduates of the Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage Course/E-Course who hold a teaching qualification or are experienced in staff training and a senior member of staff at the business.

The programme will enable the Amethyst Train The Trainer to; coach and assess the practical skills of members of their team within the same business who have undertaken the Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage E-Course.

This course will cover:

  • Training methodology; online Amethyst Specialist Cancer Massage E-Course, face to face and practical, assessments, and certification
  • Partnership with Amethyst Trust
  • Working in alignment with the SATCC Standard

The course will include in depth teaching of the Amethyst Specialist Cancer Massage practical massage adaptations which covers:

  • The full Amethyst Lymphatic Wake Up Routine
  • All Amethyst Lymphatic Drainage Movements
  • Facial Lymphatic Drainage
  • Healing Holds
  • Adapted massage techniques
  • Assessing the Learner’s understanding of carrying out treatments on clients living with and beyond cancer.

Assessment Methods

Trainees of the Train The Trainer (TTT) will be continuously assessed by the TTT during the practical training to ensure competence; health and safety, consultation, managing learner's expectations, communication, adaptation of massage techniques and aftercare.

TTT lessons will be observed in both theory and practical to enable certification and an agreement to train on behalf of the Amethyst Trust.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage Certificate

Experience of Amethyst Specialist Cancer Massage

Teacher Training qualification or equivalent*

Qualification certificates and evidence of experience must be shown on enrolment.

*If you are not sure that you have the necessary pre requisite then please contact for confirmation.


Online home study; estimated 6 hours for Amethyst Specialist Cancer Massage E-Course, 1 day practical training with Amethyst Trust Directors Julie Speed and Debbie Moore face-to-face.

Work experience; TTTs are required to demonstrate their experience of using Amethyst techniques and adapted massage techniques with a minimum of 5 case studies on at least 3 different models.


SPECIAL OFFER! You pay just £500 to train 1 Amethyst Train The Trainer and up to 2 therapists in the Amethyst Specialist Cancer Massage (saving up to £470*)!

Offer ends 29th February 2024

Please contact for more details.

Dates and Locations

To be arranged, please contact for more information.