Meeting with Michael Connors of Penny Brohn Cancer Care

The beauty and spa industry is unregulated and although there are several organizations who are trying to develop industry registration we are a long way off it becoming the case. Therefore, the public rely on trust, reputation and insurance cover to feel confident about services offered by a therapist. The trustees felt that gaining validation of the training course to be offered by Amethyst Trust was essential.

Julie, Debbie and John met with Michael Connors and Dr Catherine Zollman at the Bristol Centre where they had a guided tour of the residential and day visitor's facilities and meeting rooms. It is truly beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. The garden is an oasis of calm and guests are invited to explore the concept garden from an original design at Prince Charles' Highgrove Estate. HRH the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles has been the Patron of Penny Brohn Cancer Care since 1997. Massage therapists need recognition and respect to develop and grow their businesses and with this in mind the trustees sought endorsement outside of the industry, by well respected medical professionals and one of the first centres in the UK to offer complementary therapies; treating the person as a whole for the last 35 years, that is the Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Bristol.

They have 17 therapy rooms offering massage therapies. Reflexology is the most popular followed closely by aromatherapy massage.

The outcome of the meeting was an endorsement of our training course and a commitment to work together in the future developing a partnership for the benefit of cancer sufferers.

The Amethyst Trust is delighted to be partnering with Penny Brohn Cancer Care and very much appreciate the time taken by Michael and Catherine to review our training course.